The Procrastinator’s Guide to ChatGPT

ChatGPT can write complicated code, but it can’t seem to do simple things like subtraction and figuring out that the sun rises in the east. Why is that the case?

Thinking Out of the Box: Removing Medical Devices with a Liquid Metal

Drawing inspiration from LME, the research team experimented on the use of a gallium alloy called eutectic gallium-indium (EGaIn) for the dissolution of different aluminum devices.

Alpacas and Nanobodies

When we think of alpacas, the first things that pop up in our minds may be holiday farms or alpaca fleece. However, ...

Demystifying Wordle: A Crash Course in Information Theory

The game Wordle took the world by storm last year...

Fingerprints: The Key to Our Individuality

Our fingerprints are an important physical trait that can define who we are as individuals.

Unleashing Nature’s Plastic-Eating Marvels!

Plastic waste management has been an ongoing global challenge, demanding both urgent attention and innovative solutions. Imagine, for a moment, that nature itself had provided us with such solutions!