About Us

Science Focus is a magazine published by the School of Science at HKUST.  Specially written and designed by HKUST science undergraduate students under the guidance of our faculty and staff, Science Focus is offered free-of-charge to Hong Kong secondary school students, two to three issues per annum.  The aim of the magazine is to stimulate and nurture students’ interest in science and scientific research through interesting articles. Science Focus provides a credible resource that updates on advancements of science in different disciplines and to advocate for scientific research in preparation of the next generation of Hong Kong scientists to meet the future innovation challenges.  These objectives complement HKUST’s mission as a leading education institution in science and establishes a bridge of communication between HKUST and the general public.


Student Editorial Board

Roshni Printer
Aastha Shreeharsh
Minnie Soo 蘇慧音
Helen Wong 王思齊
Jane Yang 楊靜悠
Daria Zaitseva
Graphic Designers
Coby Ngai 魏敏儀
Winkie Wong 王穎琪
Constance Zhang 張粲璨
Social Media Editors
Zoey Tsang 曾鈺榆
Navis Wong 黃諾軒


Scientific Advisors

Prof. Ho Yi Mak 麥晧怡教授
Managing Editor
Daniel Lau 劉劭行
Faculty Advisors
Prof. Yukinori Hirano 平野恭敬教授
Prof. Ivan Ip 葉智皓教授
Prof. Tim Leung 梁承裕教授
Prof. Kenward Vong 黃敬皓教授


Quick Facts (Until February 2024)

No. of schools subscribing to Science Focus: 128
Circulation: 17,000 (Issue 026)

Mailing Address

Science Focus
Office of the Dean of Science
Room 6515 (Lifts 25/26)
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


(852) 2358 5776




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